Topic outline

  • AIS - Digital Design - Grade 6
    PopUp Books

    Welcome to the 6th grade Product Design Moodle

    This Moodle contains useful resources and examples of students work to help you understand what is expected of you at each stage of the design cycle. 

    Course Requirements

    You are required to design and manufacture a project that successfully meets the design situation.  A full design folio is mandatory. The product/solution must be able to be created by you with the tools and facilities available to you within the school, with minimal support.  School policy applies for meeting deadlines of each of the individual sections: Criterion A: Inquiring and analyzing, B: Developing ideas, C: Creating the solution, and D: Evaluating. The school 'Academic Honesty Policy' applies to any work submitted for assessment.  Workshop rules and safe working practices must be employed at all times.

    Assessment Due Dates

    Criterion B Due April 8th

    S1 - March 4 - 1 week

    S2 - March 24 - 2 weeks

    S3/4 - April 8 - 2 weeks

    Criterion C Due May 13th

    S1 - April 15 - 1 week

    S2/3/4 - May 13 - 4 weeks

    Criterion D Due May 27th

    S1/2 - May 20 - 1 week

    S3/4 - May 27 - 1 week

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    READ THIS FIRST: If you upgraded your Mac to OSX Mavericks and had GIMP installed already, you need a newer GIMP version (v2.8.6). After downloading the installer, drag the old icon from your Applications folder to the Trash. Then, run the installer and when it opens, drag the new icon to Applications.
  • Topic 1

    The Design Folio

    I will share 4 Google documents with you over the course of the semester, which you must use to record your work for criteria A, B, C, and D.  These documents will be distributed via email.

    Please don't make a copy of the document or share it with me, as I am already the owner of the Google document, so there is no need to share it with me. 

    Your folio of work may include text, tables, charts, images (drawings or photographs).  

    When you create your design ideas and planning drawings, you will need to either scan or take good quality photographs of your drawings, which must be included on the appropriate Google document if the work is to be assessed. 

    Photographs of your drawings must be clear enough to interpret the drawings, and any annotation must be clear to read and legible.  If these images are unclear they will not be assessed.

    Please work directly onto the Google document, and ensure any drawings are included in the document as soon as they are finished, so that there are no issues when meeting deadlines!

  • Topic 2

    Design situation

    ‘Pop-up Book’ is the term used to describe any book that contains three-dimensional paper pictures or any interactive elements in it.  These magical books conceal within their two dimensional covers, magnificent structures and mechanisms, making them popular among children, but are also used in different disciplines, serving as learning and/or promotional aids.

    AIS Publishing Inc. is going to publish a series of pop-up books to help teach units of inquiry to children between the ages of 3 - 5, and has selected the 6th Grade Digital Design classes to help them create a varied range of innovative books!

    Design brief

    Design and make a pop-up book at least 6 pages long, with two dimensional front and back covers, that teach 3 - 5 year old children about current units of inquiry. The information included in your book must contain a combination of text and illustrations, which must incorporate different pop-up mechanisms and systems.