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    Welcome back grade 10! This is going to be a truly exciting year as your final year in the Middle Years Programme. We have many wonderful opportunities that will be sure to make this an unforgettable year in upper school.

    Grade 10 Team:
    Greg Hucks
    Ilse Ortega
    Marianne Robbiani
    Darren Rollins
    Layne Stabler
    Rob Warren 
    Sherry Weeks
    Head of Year:
    Kate Preis
    Middle Years Coordinator:
    Carmen Samanes (She will be coordinating workshops and sessions for Personal Project.)
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    Washington D.C. Trip

    Final payment of $500 is due on Friday, August 22, 2013.
    Please refer to the Parent Portal for additional information regarding the trip. If there are financial considerations please email me (, so we can discuss this. This is a spectacular trip that directly connects to their U.S. History curriculum, while providing an amazing opportunity to build relationships.


    Packing and Travel Instructions

    1. Students are allowed to bring two suitcases/suitcase/sleeping bag and another small carry-on item such as a backpack.  However, students are responsible for moving their items from the airport, on the metro, and then walk several blocks to the hotel. Suitcases cannot weigh more than 50lbs, or it will cost an additional $50.

    2. Students should pack the following for a four-day trip.  Travel sizes for toiletries are necessary and must comply with airport security procedures.  The TSA does not currently require young adults under the age of 18 to have an ID.

    • toothbrush/tooth paste

    • hair brush/hair products

    • deodorant

    • Prescription medication noted on submitted health card

    • 3 Shorts/jeans (must be appropriate length due to some places toured)

    • Comfortable shoes/tennis shoes (walking up to 10 miles a day, so not the time to wear shoes in)

    • 4 shirts/blouses (follow the school dress code/sleeveless tops may be 3 fingers wide)

    • 4 sets of undergarments

    • 4 socks

    • light weight/water resistant jacket (air conditioning in some places is quite cold/rain)

    • umbrella

    • reusable water bottle (empty for flight)

    • Composition book/journal w/pens or pencils

    • cell phone/charger

    3. We will be walking several miles a day, so students are strongly encouraged to NOT wear sandals. Tennis shoes are ideal.  One pair of comfortable dress shoes is requested.

    4. The school dress code is slightly modified for the field trip.  All blouses/shirts must have appropriate straps.  No bare midriffs are permissible and school appropriate lengths must be worn.  Students may have appropriate logos, pictures or designs on clothing.

    5. Student meals (3 per day), transit, entry fees etc. are included in the field trip fee, so students only need to bring money for spending on snacks, souvenirs etc.  Keeping this in mind, please do not send your student with a large amount of cash. While cell phones are encouraged, all electronics must be used appropriately and not during group activities.  There is no need to bring a lap top or iPad.  If a student chooses to bring electronics on the field trip, they must be responsible for them the entire trip.

    Most museums and tours have strict security measures including being screened upon entry, so please do not bring large purses or backpacks for daily use on the trip.

    6. Parents will drop off and pick up students from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Please drop students off at 6:45 AM on September 15th, 2014 at the Southwest counter.  Some families who live in close proximity to each other should consider carpooling, or other families outside of the perimeter should consider placing students on Marta for a direct connection to the airport.  Parents will pick up students from the Southwest baggage claim on Thursday September 18th, 2014.  

    1. Be sure to indicate all allergies, medical conditions, and dietary requirements on the required health card submitted at the start of the school year. The school nurse, Mrs. Holland, will make sure that both the advisors and I are aware of all medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc based on the information provided by you.

    Finally, please review the Field Trip Rules (located online) with your student.  Please emphasize to our student that proper behavior is an absolute must to insure that everyone has a safe and fun experience

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    Grade Level and Advisory focus: Personal Project: Criterion A Use of Process Journals

    In advisory, students will work in small groups of 2-3 and share one or more of their process journals to determine if they are on the right track based on information shared at this week's Grade Level Meeting. After they will complete the attached sheet and submit it on Moodle.
  • Updates and Information

    Field trip forms are due Monday, September 8, 2014. They are located on the Parent Portal under Secondary School and field trips for Grade 10. Many students turned in the Parent Consent form/Medical Authorization as it was printed out by the school since it was not printing correctly from the portal but there are still three more forms that must also be turned in.

    Also, many students have not turned in their Health form also located on the parent portal under Health Forms. This Health Card (321) is very important as it provides us with crucial information should your child not be able to share information and need emergency medical care.

    PICTURE DAY IS FRIDAY, September 12, 2014!

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