Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Start African Dance 

    Wear P.E. Kit

     Room TBD

    What do you know about Africa? Poster paper 3 mins to write as much as possible in a group of 4

    All change- got to another groups poster and add information and repeat for all groups posters. 

    Read all information and choose 5 things you will present to the whole group about Africa.

    Looking at a map of Africa, choose a country you want to research for your presentation. 

  • Topic 2

    Project outline for chosen country
    1. Basic information of the country: Population, Capital, Religion, Languages, Currency, Flag (what the colors represent), Where in Africa the country is located and what it is famous for and the size of the country. 
    2. Tribe/s in the country
    3.Pick one of the tribes dances to display to the rest of the group. You will need to explain the meaning of the dance to the rest of the group. (This will be performed infront of the class and you will have time to practice it)
    4. You will need to provide music for your tribal dance ( you will need to save it so you can use it in class for your presentation)
    5. Describe a recent or previous current event involving your country of choice (example Boko Hiram kidnapping school girls Nigeira) and explain how you felt about the event. (each person)
    6. Each person in the group has to answer the following question and add it to the powerpoint:
    "In what ways has African dance had any influence on other dances around the world?"
    7.All your planning/brainstorming must be done on flip chart paper or by using an online mind map ( and must be handed in when presenting. You need to specify who researched what in your presentation. 
    8. Due date...... Ms Hibbert will inform you. 
    8. You will also need to send/give me a copy of the presentation (Coach Hibbert)
    9. You can use any form of presentation (eg Flip chart paper, Poster board  Powerpoint, Keynote, I movie, Google Apps etc), we will presenting these on a projector in the fitness room.
    10. Any questions please email me and i'll get back to as quick as I can 
    11. If you have used information off the internet, books, you must cite your sources.  NO PLAGIARIZING 
    12. All members of the group must  speak during the presentation.
    You will be graded using the following criteria for your presentation:
    Criteria A- Use of knowledge (8 marks)
  • Topic 3

    Work on Presentations of countries.
  • Topic 4

    You will link your dance from East or West Africa with another group

    Choreograph your two dances together and add information from your presentations into your dance.

    It needs to be at least 1 min 30 secs long.

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