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  • MYP Unit: 6th Grade Physical, Social, and Health Education

          Unit Question: How do I take care of myself and share what I know with my          community?

    Area of Interaction: Health and Social Education
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    Topic 1

    Syllabus of Course & Grade Descriptors

     Ride the wave

    Homework: Send an email from your AIS account with a joke to your teacher.

    Homework: Create a Moodle Account and ENROLL into the class.


    On the PSHE6 Moodle page, towards the top, look at the lefthand side where it says "Administration". Under that title it says "Enroll me in this course".
    That brings you to a page that says PSHE6 with your current school year and your teachers' names and below it says "Login". Press "Login".
    On the Login page at the right hand side of the page it asks "Is this your first time here? Below that title you will press "Create new account". There, you will fill out a new password and other individual information. MAKE SURE YOU ALSO ENROLL in the class.
  • Topic 3

    Unit 1
    Bones Song
    • Create a song in your group.  Follow the directions on the task sheet.  Your song will be about the bones in your body.  Use the names of the bones that are on your skeleton worksheet
    •  Create rubrics as a class so class can grade each group.
    Create Bones song in class.
  • Topic 4

    Bones Song

    Unit 1

    Create Bones song in class

  • Topic 5

    Unit 1 


    • Perform Bones song. First review rubrics as a class so class can grade each group.
    • Classification of bones- Long, short, irregular, flat - color in Bones worksheet with a partner

    • If there's time: Vertebrae- read and color in different sections and label

  • Topic 7

    Unit 1

    • Complete reviewing handouts, coloring in muscles worksheets.
    • Prepare for test.
  • Topic 8

    Unit 1

    Bones and Muscles - Test

    • Review Bones and Muscles
    • Take Test

  • Topic 9

    Unit 2



    Hygiene: What is hygiene? What are the different categories of hygiene? (Think-Pair-Share)

    Germs: What are germs?

    • At your table: discuss what you think "Hygiene" is for 3 minutes.  Then as a class, discuss what "Hygiene" means, and different examples.
    • In groups  of two read the article attached about Hygiene and Germs.  When you are done discuss with your partner what you think are the most important points to remember, and why.  Then discuss as a class.
    • If time, complete crossword puzzle.

  • Topic 10

    Unit 2


    "Washing hands" and organize a Public Service Announcement.

    • Read article below in pairs.   Summarize and discuss as a class.
    • Create an outline with your partner for a public service announcement. Your commercial should inform people about how to wash hands properly and why it is important.  Think of this as informing people who know nothing about germs; maybe they have never had access to clean water and would you communicate about the importance of washing hands on television commercial? Area of Interaction: Community & Service 

    You can also research Global Soap Project and use information from that website.

    • Complete worksheet in class if there's time.

  • Topic 11

    Unit 2

    Hygiene - PSA

    Create Public Service Announcement (television commercial to inform the public about a health issue)

  • Topic 13

    Unit 2

    Hygiene - PSA

    Share Public Service Announcement with the class

    Unit Reflection

    IB Learner Profile - Inquirers, Knowledgable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Balanced, Reflective

    1.  Choose 3 of the IB learner profile qualities and describe in detail how you have achieved these during PSHE. 




    2.  Choose 1 of these qualities and describe how you would have liked to achieve this for the unit.


  • Topic 14

    Unit 3

    • Teeth- What are they? What can happen to them? How do we brush and floss properly? What does the dentist look for? What kind of dental problems can we get? What are the names given to our teeth? 
    • The mouth- What roles does it play with our teeth? What are common mouth diseases?
    • Gum disease- What is it? How does it occur? How can you prevent it and treat it?

    Split groups- role plays/songs/presentations/creating (least favorite choice). 

    Choose from one of the following:

    • What are teeth? (different types, how they grow, what they are made of? purpose of teeth and what they look like?)
    • How to brush your teeth (flossing, steps on how to brush)
    • Dental issues and how to prevent getting diseases (diseases that you can get, work done on teeth)

    Your group will choose one of the following media for communicating the knowledge you acquire:

    • Role plays- need to produce a script
    • Song- visual, to music, video performing it
    • Multimedia- use of I moive, voice thread
    • Presentations- Prezi, powerpoint, keynote 

    Your presentations will be assessed with Criteria A for content, Criteria C for presentation, and Criteria D for performance while giving your presentation.

    See attached presentation task sheet for more information.

  • Topic 15

    Unit 3


    Continue with planning 

  • Topic 16

    Unit 3


    Continue with planning

  • Topic 17

    Unit 3

    Teeth - Perform/Present

    Perform/Share presentations

    Create rubrics 0-8 as a class.  The class will agree on the achievement level and descriptions for the role plays/songs.  Each person will be responsible for grading one person from each group.  They will feedback after performances, and assign a grade to the individual and the group.

  • Topic 18

    Unit 3

    Teeth - Perform/Present

    Perform/Share presentations

  • Topic 20

    Unit 3

    Hygiene - Unit Review

    Review Hygiene unit

    Poster Brain storm in groups- information on germs, washing hands, teeth skin, nails, hair

    Review the following for your test! Review all materials from the beginning of the Hygiene unit.

    • Definition of Hygiene and explain
    • Definition of Germs and explain
    • Hand washing, explain.
    • Teeth, Mouth, Gums (importance of brushing, teeth loss, bleeding gums, etc…)
    • Definition of sweat and explain
    • Foot infections
    • Role of Hair on your head
  • Topic 21

    In pairs, think/pair/share…they should think and share what they did over the course of the semester. Then individually, write a summary of the semester. At the end, write in detail what their favorite part of the course was. Reflect on what they learned; how they grew individually; list transferable skills with other courses. If they are done in 15 minutes they are not doing it correctly. This should be typed on Word, double space, include header and footer, name and date. Email your teacher the final! 

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