Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    January 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th

    1. All test events: printed notes due by Friday, Feb. 6th!

    2. Practices:

    -Mrs. Flores = Can't Judge a Powder, Crime Busters, Picture This, Write-It-Do-It, Experimental Design

    -Ms. Lungu = Bio Process, Anatomy & Physiology, Entomology, Fossils, Disease Detective

    -Mr. Stoll = Crave the Wave, Simple Machines, Dynamic Planet, Solar System, Green Generation

    December 5 & 6

    1. Construction Events- Aim at finishing all construction by noon time on December 6th! Mr. Stoll will supervise you from 9AM-noon.

    2. Test Events- If you don't have any construction events, continue preparing for your test events.

    November 14th & 21

    1. Please check the final event choices list (see email from Mrs. Flores).

    2. Construction events- Finalize designs and blue prints by November 21st.

    3. Test Events - Download practice tests from the test packet folder above. Continue note-taking



    Meeting 2: October 17th, 24th & 31st

    - Please save the date for the science olympiad in February

    - Finalize design specifications (Construction Events)- You need to start construction asap!

    - Continue note-taking (test events)

    - Request materials/practice labs (email Mrs. Flores)

    Meeting 1: October 3rd

    - Finalize design specifications (Construction Events)

    - Continue note-taking (test events)

    - Request materials/practice labs (email Mrs. Flores)

    • New CD: Bio-process, Anatomy/Physiology,Diseases, Road Scholar, Fossils, Dynamic PLnet, Solar System, Entomology, Green Construction

  • September

    Sept. 26th 

    1. Construction Events:  

    - Continue research

    - Finalize design specifications

    - Check availability of materials

    - Start drawing design sketch

    2. Non Construction Events:

    - Continue research

    - Create a google doc for your notes, share with your partner, Mrs. Flores and Mr. Stoll

    Sept. 12th 

    1. Make a folder - 1 folder per event. Insert the event rules in your folder.

    2. Read each of your event rules carefully. Highlight important points.

    3. For your construction event, complete a task list and design specification. Discuss it with either Mr. Stoll or Mrs. Flores.

    If you don't have a construction event, complete your task list for one of your events.

    4. Start research/plan/outline design specifications.

    5. Check available materials/resources.  Email Mrs. Flores for any unavailable materials/equipment you might need that needs to be ordered.

    Sept. 6th- First official meeting

    1. Read short event descriptions and choose 5 events that are of interest.

    2. Look for partners/groups with the same interest. Read event rules.

    3. Decide on 2-4 events to join. ONE construction event only per participant. Ask Mrs. Flores or Mr. Stoll to add your name to the event list.

    4. Decide as a group on when to meet-Fridays and Tuesdays for James, Amy and Anika

  • Topic 8