Topic outline

  • All current Extended Essay content can be found on ManageBac

    Please submit your Extended Essay using the link below. Please read the following instructions before contacting us for help:
    • You must be enrolled in this course AND be logged in to Moodle (using your standard AIS username/password) in order to submit your EE draft.
    • Your EE draft will automatically be submitted to as part of the process.
    • does not understand Pages files. If you are using Pages to write your EE draft, you will need to export your document to PDF (File/Export/PDF) and submit the PDF.
    • Your file must be at most 20 MB. If your file is > 20 MB, please refer to these instructions for reducing the file size by compressing images.
  • EE Citing and Formatting!

    • As you continue to work through the Extended Essay process we want to help you create good MLA citations and cite them correctly in the text of your paper as well as in your works cited list. Additionally, some of the tasks in this guide are designed to help you format your paper correctly. (This criteria is worth 4 points). Some of you may already know how to perform some of these tasks. In that case it is perfectly acceptable to help a classmate. By completing the tasks you will be able to turn in a more polished FINAL Extended Essay.

      What will you be doing during this session?

      Task 1: Access your NoodleTools account (create an account if you do not have one) and create a project (Extended Essay) in Noodletools.

      Task 2: Create the citations for your Extended Essay and learn how each resource is cited in the text of your paper. 

      Task 3: Format the title page of your EE using the template on ManageBAC and this guide. 

      Task 4: Format your paper 

    • EE Citing and Formatting!


  • Turnitin!

    • The next step in the Extended Essay process is for you to submit your EE First Draft to Turnitin. Don't worry, this is NOT the FINAL submission. The purpose of this session is for you to have an opportunity to review your work and check against similarity to other papers in the Turnitin repository. The Originality Report will serves a a guide to help you correct any innacurate referencing.

           What will you learn during this session?

           More about Turnitin

           How to submit your Extended Essay to Turnitin

           How to read and understand your Originality Report