Topic outline

  • Primary School Summer Reading 2014

    Scroll down to see a letter to the parents explaining summer reading, the summer reading lists from the teachers, information about summer book checkout through the library and links to fun summer reading resources from the library! 

    French, German and Spanish Summer Reading 2014

    Links to the summer reading lists for French, German and Spanish are provided below. Make sure you refer to the summer reading list for the grade the student is entering in 2014-15, not the one the student just completed. If there is a required book for your child's grade, the book will be loaned to your child by the school for use over the summer.  Click here to be redirected to online vendors of Spanish, French and German books respectively.  World of Reading is an online source of summer reading books for all of the language tracks.

    English Summer Reading 2014

    Each English summer reading list is prefaced with a description of the summer reading expectation for that grade.  Students entering Grades 2 through 5 will have a required English reading book and this text will be used for different reading activities in August.  Please note that the titles on the recommended English book lists have been selected by experts for their general quality and appeal to the students.  But, if your child is passionate about reading other books this summer, by all means encourage them to read what they enjoy.  Many reading experts have noted the importance of access to books during the summer.